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Friday, July 7, 2017

Lincoln and Jello and Love

Sabrina and Sister Neuberger in Lincoln

So you'll never believe it! But I am back in the Capital Ward in Lincoln, NE!!!! The exact same ward that I was trained in just about a year ago!!!!!!!! Isn't that incredible?! DREAMS COME TRUE! But really...this is like my home away from home. I love this place. And the icing on the cake is that my companion is Sister Neuberger. She is INCREDIBLE! She just came out of the trail center and she is from Midway, UT. She is a powerful teacher and is just ready to work, so we are having a lot of fun together already.


So this week has been kind of like a tornado. We have no idea what we are doing, but we are sure trying! The missionaries that just left the area were two of the most incredible missionaries in the mission, so there are some awesome individuals we get to now work with, and everything is as organized as it could be. The only issue is Sister Neuberger and I have NO sense of direction and we have never met any of these humans it is just a blast. Haha but we are trying our best!

This week we had this incredible lesson with a lady named Gloria and we taught her all about our relationship with Heavenly Father and prayer. We committed her to pray with us at the end of the lesson, but she declined. Both Sister Neuberger and I, and the other missionaries that we were with, bore our testimonies of the power of prayer and slowly Gloria's heart softened. She began to cry and opened up to us about her life and some of the darkest, deepest challenges she was facing. The spirit was strong, and after some time, we committed her again to say the closing prayer and she did. It was the most powerful prayer, and the room felt as if it had been electrified by the presence of the Holy Ghost. She committed to take a tour of the church building with us next week, and we are excited to invite her to come and worship our Savior and our Father with us.

Also, just yesterday, we met this young mother named Josephine. She was out on her porch and we taught her the Restoration briefly. As we began, she started to cry, and told us that she knew Heavenly Father must love her and must be aware of her because He sent us to her. The spirit again was so strong and we were able to invite her to read and pray and meet with us again.
Sabrina, Sister Neuberger and the other Sister's in the apt bldg.

This week we were out finding and we walked into this apartment complex and there was this lady just drinking and smoking and being her merry self, if ya know what I mean, and she was overly excited that we had come by. She looked at Sister Neuberger for a good two minutes, then walked into her apartment, and came back out with a Tupperware container with some weird rainbow substance inside.She thrust it into Sister Neuberger's hands and yelled, "HEY! Isn't this craaazzzzy, my boyfriend made this jello and it looks JUST like you!" I could not even attempt to keep a straight face. I just busted up laughing and we left immediately! Haha I LOVE LINCOLN. 

Spiritual thought:

I think the overwhelming truth that I have learned this week is that Heavenly Father's love is the most powerful thing we can share with others. In every interaction we have had, every lesson we have taught, and even in our church meetings, the focus was love, and how powerful it is to tell people that we love them, and that Heavenly Father loves them. I have been able to see that in action this week and I am so grateful to know that MY Father loves ME. I in turn love Him, and I know that is only because I understand how He feels about me. "We love Him, because He first loved us." (John 4:19) I just want you all to know that I love you. But more importantly, and more than my mortal words can express, I know that Heavenly Father loves you. That love is unchanging and unending, simply put, it is always there.How grateful I am for that love!
Have the best week and enjoy the 4th of July!!
Sister Bengtzen

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