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Monday, June 19, 2017

The Savior is more important, isn't He?
Hey team! Time is just flying and the work is hopping! I love, love, love, love my mission and I am so grateful to be here! 


Ok, so I have told y'all a little bit about Brad but I am just going to start at the beginning for sake of this miracle!  About 3 weeks ago, we met our investigator Brad while he was playing the guitar on his porch, and at first when we saw him he acted quite strange and kind of shocked.  Well this week we were finally able to have our second lesson with him and it went really well! We taught him about the Book of Mormon and read the introduction with him and took a short church tour. At the end we again invited him to read and pray and to attend church. About 3 days later we received a call from him and he began to pour his heart out to us. He told us that he was sorry for how taken aback he was when we first met him, but that there was a reason for it. Four years ago he had a dream and in that dream he saw Sister Meik and myself vividly, and has remembered our faces ever since. He said the most remarkable part of all was that the first thing we shared with him was the story of a boy, who saw visions and had dreams, and communicated with God. He has always felt like God has led him through his dreams, but no one has ever believed him, and so he is hesitant to tell others. He told us that the story of Joseph Smith pierced his heart and so he read half of the Book of Mormon, in ONE NIGHT! And on our phone call he promised us he would read the rest by our next meeting. The rest of the Book of Mormon!!! We asked if he had the chance to pray about it yet and he said he did, and that it was a sweet experience. He is excited to tell us more about it in person. Throughout the entire conversation my mouth was gaping open and I wanted to cry and scream and sing and faint all at the same time! Haha, the spirit was so strong and it was so evident that Heavenly Father had led us to him, and that he is ready. There are so many blessings that come when we talk to everyone and when we follow the promptings of the spirit! In the moment I felt that Heavenly Father trusted me...and I cannot think of any knowledge that could make me happier. 

Also this week we also had a cool miracle with one of our members. We had dinner with them on Monday night and they gave us a referral, so we stopped by her house. It turns out her husband had just left her and they were getting evicted from their home, so she was a complete wreck. I had just watched this video from Elder Holland earlier during P-day, and I felt like I needed to show it to her. As she watched it tears filled her eyes and she just exclaimed, "God knows me!" We were able to leave her with a Book of Mormon and go back and do some service for her. I was so grateful for an inspired member in that moment, who led us to someone who need Heavenly Father and His love. He is in the details! 

 Sabrina and Sister Gardner rocking the red!
 Sabrina and President Gardner looking Straight out of  Nebraska!

District Baseball 

Last night Sister Meik was driving and she we had quite the traumatic experience. She was telling me all about her studies and she was talking like a mile a minute when all of the sudden this rabbit ran across the street and slipped right under the tire of the car going the opposite direction. It got smashed right in front of us! And Sister Meik went silent. After about 3 minutes she looked over at me and in the quietest voice said, "That was my first experience with sudden death..." Haha I could not help but laugh! She is so sweet and innocent. I LOVE HER! 

Also we dressed up like pioneers this week, because that is what we Mormons do apparently, and helped out at this museum here in Kearney! Well long story short, some lady asked me if she could interview me for a news story and I looked at her and said, "Well apparently I've never been on live television before.." Haha we both started laughing and we were able to give her a card. And I was on the news! Woo hoo! Look out Ellen. Here. I. Come. 
Sabrina being interviewed for Nebraska TV

Spiritual thought: 

I feel like I get to this point in my email and I look back on my week and think about all of the things Heavenly Father has taught me. So I really do feel like this is more for me than it is for any of you, but thank you for being patient with me. This week I have been really overwhelmed thinking about all of my weaknesses and shortcomings and faults. I think we all go through days and weeks like that, which is good, because that means we are human! But I was reading a conference talk during one of my studies the other day and the spirit whispered something to me. It said, "The Savior is more important, isn't He?" And I must admit it caught me off guard. Well of course I thought! He is the most important. And then, slowly, what I was being taught came to light. I think sometimes I am so busy worrying about what I am doing wrong to allow the Savior to make things right. Sometimes I am so caught up in my own weaknesses that I forget to look to the Savior for strength. The Savior is more important! More important than my flaws or my mistakes or my weaknesses. I am so grateful for my Father in Heaven, grateful that He saw enough value in me to send a Savior to the earth. I know that Jesus Christ lives, and that He can make more of us than we could ever make of ourselves. 

I love you all! 
Happy June!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Sister Bengtzen 

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